Monday, July 27, 2015

32 Weeks

I do not have gd. I DON'T HAVE GD!

Got my numbers back, I didn't even fail one number. They were all well below the cut off. Crazy thing too is that 1 hour after the 50 mg in the screening, my blood sugar was 142. In the 3 hour with 100 mg, twice the amount of sugar, it was 138. So yep, 82, 138, 99, and 107. Why it went up in the end I don't know but I guess that explains why I felt better.

I have no idea how much weight I've gained. One day it's 174, up to 177, back down to 173, and the next night 179. YES! 6 pounds! I don't *feel* swollen and my BP is still good. I don't know what's up with that. Dr's office scale says 176.

I'm now measuring 36 weeks which is a whole month ahead. Does it mean she has to drop after this? I don't really know. There's no more room in the inn aka my torso.

The other night, the weirdest thing happened. I woke up sweating balls while butt-naked with no sheets. I got a wet washcloth to rub all over me and cool me down but in the midst of this I had to know what my temp was. 97.2. What the hell? I'm a fairly normal gal at 98.6. I'm not even sure my BBT was ever that low back in my charting days.

Then I had this moment where I'm sitting on my laptop and it hits me. Holy shit, I may never be able to do this uninterrupted again. I will probably never be physically alone again. I am having a baby. She is gonna be here. It's about to go down.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

31.5 Weeks

I finally *heard* her move. Like a popping sound, I think she kicked a gas bubble lol. Last night, she was going all sorts of crazy, she must just move to a position where I can't feel her sometimes. Today we are back to being quiet, but I can hear her move with the doppler. Still hyper.

I packed my hospital bag! Finally.

I got some stuff to hang up in the nursery! Finally.

I had the craaaaziest dream where I gave birth. I mean like, I dreamt of ALL of labor. Contractions, walking around to have more contractions, getting checked, pooping in the tub, and pushing. My sister was my midwife and the baby was feet first. Weird.

I'm getting tired and energetic all at once. It seems like my time between shifts is shorter, and work is longer. My sleep is not the best quality but I think that's due to the acid reflux that came back when she decided to come back....up. But I'm actually motivated to get off my ass.

I'm also just a lot happier but still pretty bitchy if that makes sense. The past week has been rough when it comes to things unrelated to pregnancy but way better in terms of my feelings and emotions about the future me as a mom. It's like the emotional wall is coming down and I'm starting to get really excited daydreaming of what it'll be like when she's here instead of feeling like I have baby Alzheimer's and forgetting all the passion and desire I had for becoming a parent.

Overall, life is good.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

31 Weeks

My kid drives me crazy!

I don't know what the hell happened but she was definitely transverse yesterday. Today she is some sort of up and down direction but definitely not engaged anymore.

Then I can't feel her move as much. I have to use my hands sometimes which barely works because I can't feel anything with these numb pieces of shit!

So I start doing kick counts. Exactly after I hit ten, that's when she randomly decides to move around hella crazy and blatantly obvious.

I did my 3 hour yesterday. The first ten minutes after the drink I felt lightheaded and tired, kinda like a buzz, but it got better from there which makes me think I failed. At first, I was thirsty and kinda hungry, but by the time it was over, I felt perfectly OK. I came home, did not pig out, did not sleep until 4 am. Yep. Pretty sure my ass failed. I'll get the results tomorrow and update in post.

Other than that, week 30-31 went by a lot faster than 29-30. And I lost two pounds, the heck?

And things I don't understand...Rolling over/out of bed. I do this all the time. I do not feel like a turtle. I have no problems tying my shoes. In fact, pre-2nd trimester I'd just let my laces fly around everywhere. People hate it, but I've never tripped. Now I tie my shoes SO MUCH. Also, pregnancy underwear....why? My undies are just fine. I'm still cashing in my free Victoria's Secret coupons. Do I get weird looks? Hell yes, but free is free and I haven't paid for underwear in FOREVER! And the "can't see my feet" thing. Have people tried bending over? Of course I can't see mine standing up straight but two inches leaning over and there they are! I can also still paint them. Shaving still happens when I'm in the mood. Bending over to pick stuff up isn't fun, but that's why God made feet. At least that's how I was raised.

However, THE ONE THING I've never heard of that is hard for me is...wiping my ass. YES, I said it. That is difficult.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

30 Weeks

The good:

I can breathe! Ok, so I still huff and puff sometimes.

Less acid reflux!

I can eat!

I've gained weight...175 lbs and it isn't swelling. My ankles are on fleek lol.

Still tying my shoes, painting my toes, things like that.

I might actually be in the beginning phases of nesting, like actually getting my shit together!!! Ava officially has everything she needs (I think) so now I'm working on what I need for delivery and postpartum and the nursery I've been slacking on has taken on a new direction.

The bad...ish:

Still haven't done my 3 hour GD test.

I'm moving into that just a fat whale stage.

My boss is cutting my hours in two almost half. So half my paycheck essentially. Now logic would dictate that if I go late, I could save more money, but honestly I'd rather her come early and not work for peanuts.

Emotionally....well, I'll save that for another post.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

29 Weeks


But we're almost to 30 weeks!

I am literally counting down the days of work I have left. I cannot stand my job, but I think it's just the hormones talking. I think of all the other pregger ladies busting their asses with double shifts on their feet and I feel like shit for even complaining. I can't quit, and I'm no where near being able to take leave. It's like purgatory, but worse.

Either the baby is dropping or just growing down instead of up because I've been feeling some kicks and punches to parts I didn't know I had down below. But the weird thing is, her movements seem overall weaker or more subtle, but occasionally she kicks so hard it's like my whole body shakes.

I totally pigged out at my friend's house but I get heartburn after every meal and threw up when brushing my teeth.

I've also developed a possibly unhealthy obsession with her kitten. I wish I could keep it but I can't where I live, and I'm almost convinced to move somewhere I can. Again, maybe it's the hormones.

Still haven't peed on myself, but I'm to the point that after I walk out of the bathroom, I have to turn right back around to pee again.

My hands are still numb but it's more of a general ache now and it doesn't wake me up so...

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

28 Weeks

Last week was full of ugh. Throwing up/nausea, heart burn, rib pain, not being able to breathe, and carpal tunnel. I gave up sitting in a chair at work and took to giving no fucks and laying down almost all the time and let me tell you, it worked! And probably my switch to wearing strictly sports bras.

I feel pretty damn good. My mood is even better.

Mentally, I think I'm just getting used to the numbness in my hands, I don't think it's actually getting better.

Also, a friend got me a massage and it was like heaven. I especially like when they mess around with my joints, whatever she did with my hips and sacrum was maaaagic.

And the glucose test! I downed the orange drink in 24 seconds. Tastes like something I had as a kid. In fact, it was correct of me to assume that how well I "tolerated" it means I eat way too much sugar lol. Because I failed. By 2 points. Lucky me, I get to take the 3 hour.

But the craziest shit was when my OB walked in and promptly told me I gained 20 pounds so far...I was like...whut??? Some very smart nurse was writing my weight down as 153...more like 163. But she did it TWICE so while I'm very adamant that it's WRONG!, I don't think they're believing me. "Well an increase from 153 to 162 to now is right on track..." NO. I have not seen the lower end of the 150s in quite a while, so I had to go to the hospital to get my ER record from 6 weeks where it plain as day states that I was 167. Ha. If I had lost 14 pounds in 2 weeks I would have checked my happy as into the hospital. I've gained TWO pounds! TWO!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

27 Weeks

I'm working on the shower post, I promise.

My hand is getting worse and worse. It's also catching to my left hand, which makes "nesting" really hard to do. The other day at work, I made the mistake of looking down at my feet. Not. Pretty. I still haven't taken my gd screening but 5 hours after eating a piece of cake, my blood sugar was 68. I guess that's a good sign? One of my coworkers is like totally insulin dependent and holy shit, his numbers get so high! 200s, 300s, and nothing to eat in hours, it's crazy. I make him check it because I think he has given himself too much insulin and needs to eat but it usually ends up being the opposite, that he needs more. And then I feel silly.

Speaking of work, I am enjoying my new schedule. I feel less tired overall now but still like my sleep. The past weekend was crazy due to my shower but I stayed awake for more hours on average.

Oh yeah, and then morning sickness came back. I puked for a couple days. I've noticed a pattern: if I'm ravenously hungry, I have more energy. If I don't feel like eating at all, I'm exhausted. But sometimes I don't eat because I'm sleeping 15 hours a day, so I'm not sure what triggers what. It's about a 3 day cycle.

I'm really excited about being in the home stretch and I have PUHLENTY to do. My sister is the freaking greatest, she gave me a shit ton of cloth diapers, and a shit ton of hemp inserts and doublers and they are NOT cheap. She did admit to me that the microfiber ones don't absorb as much anyway so I don't feel guilty about not using them, trying to stick to natural materials here! Oh yeah, and some had stains, some pretty bad, so it was the perfect opportunity to see if sunning really works. Oh my god, it does. I'm still so surprised even though I live in the sunshine state. I didn't take a pic but the worst ones were on par with these:

Yeah and now most of them look brand new. I have been stuffing diapers, and doing laundry, and organizing clothes like nobody's business. I feel super domestic and 1950s house-wifeish.

Also this stuff is my new best friend: it's low in calories and sugar, but it isn't water. If it was on Amazon, I'd buy it by the case. So. Good.